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Why use video testimonials?

Word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools. Having video testimonials provides your potential clients with a ‘from the horses’ mouth’ recommendation from your existing satisfied clients, which reinforces trust and credibility. 

Here are some benefits of video testimonial 

  • Video testimonials are more powerful than written reviews – this is because they give your existing clients the opportunity to describe their experience with your brand and services. 
  • They allow more information to be conveyed in a shorter amount of time - statistics show that video has a 95% retention rate whereas only 12% of people remember textual information. 
  • A personal message from a client that has already benefitted from your products or services reassures new and potential clients.  
  • It provides a better emotional connection – it conveys authentic messages of real-life benefits that resonate with people on a human level
  • 87% of viewers purchase after watching a video.
Video Testimonial Shoot

How to get the most from your testimonial videos

  • Incorporated into your marketing strategy they increase your online visibility which is key in our internet-based society. 
  • They should feature on your website, on YouTube, in emails and shared across all social media platforms. 
  • Adding a call-to-action at the end of the testimonial videos you will maximise your ‘click through’ rate - great for S.E.O – and generate higher traffic volumes to your website.

No matter how your potential clients come across your company they should be greeted by a satisfied clients who tell them how great your brand, products or services are in an easily digestible format.

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Feb 16, 2022
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