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Video, SEO & your brand

Video production has become a mainstream marketing tool and is considered the most effective for inbound marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation is vital, and video will boost this exponentially if it is used effectively. Let’s take a look at video, S.E.O. & your brand.

Here some of the latest statistics:

  • 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase after viewing a video online (Reelseo)
  • 96% of consumers find video helpful for making online purchase decisions (Reelseo)
  • 82% of marketers say that video email marketing is effective (Reelseo)

Videos needn’t be complicated, you may need something simple to make a big impression, some options include:

  • Product reveal or instructional video to help customers before and after their purchase
  • A testimonial video from clients or staff
  • A simple infographic video
  • Branded Social Media clips, or
  • A well produced corporate video

This is a sample of video content to make mouths water while customers are browsing websites for ideas. Your banner segment should be your salesman! Discerning restaurants or GastroPubs should definitely be making use of content like this:

Be sure to make an impression with your video, remember your brand and company’s reputation rests on the image you present to the public.

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Jul 5, 2017
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