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So, why should customers choose you?

Video production and video marketing needs to be engaging and relevant in order to be effective.

Marketing experts and almost anyone who owns their own business know what a value statement or USP is – that ‘something’ that sets your product or service apart from others like it, a Unique Selling Proposition, or if you don’t warm to the word ‘selling’, a Value Statement. It defines what your brand stands for.

And, as a marketer and business owner, you’re told over and over again that it’s business-critical to have a strong USP. That means it needs to be relevant and appealing to your target customers whilst also being part of the backbone of your company. Nothing new there!

Yet many companies, especially smaller enterprises and start-ups, often get it wrong. They either don’t grasp the purpose or importance of a USP or forget it altogether.

In an increasingly noisy marketplace where everyone is trying to shout louder than their competitors, a compelling USP has become one of the most important business decisions you have to make – if you don’t develop an effective USP for your brand, building awareness or engaging customers may be an ongoing struggle.

Fortunately there are many online tools to help you to effectively brainstorm, define and then subsequently refine your winning USP, so there’s no reason to put this off. If you’re not convinced about the USP of your brand, get to work and get this right.

If you are, however, confident that you have a hard-working brand USP then it’s important to ensure you leverage it and make it the cornerstone of all your marketing communications – including video production.

At ZOOMFILMS we believe that your USP not only dictates the style and content of your online video marketing – it has to be at the heart of your message. Brands are now publishing online video content at an increasing rate and consumers are more choice-rich than ever before. Having a clear message which aligns with and reinforces your USP is essential.

With years of experience in marketing, Television advertising and video production, ZOOMFILMS uses your USP to generate engaging content for your video production and video marketing, we use many simple, effective tools aimed at getting your USP across to viewers in a clear, consistent and compelling way. For instance, smart script writing, editing techniques, the use of graphics or animation, a bespoke piece of music or even special lighting techniques are used to effectively differentiate your brand.

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Aug 10, 2018
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