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Documentary for conservation

ZOOMFILMS recently had the privilege of producing a film that carries a message of conservation, a topic that is close to our hearts as a company.

Cheryl Anne Fulton travelled to the UK with her harp ensemble, Angelorum, on a pilgrimage to visit Ardival Harps in Victorian village of Strathpeffer where their medieval Kentigern Harps are manufactured in the traditional fashion.

Once there, they performed ‘Chant for the Trees’ as a tribute to the forests that provided (and continues to provide) the wood that was used to produce their instruments.

The film is a tribute to nature, trees in particular as they have been and remain a crucial and neglected part of our existence on earth, and while we need them as a fundamental resource, we equally need to respect and protect them and ensure they are replenished in greater number than they are used. Please enjoy our film as well as the beautiful harp music and take to heart its serious message.

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Nov 20, 2017
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