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LawnsOne is an independent, family-run business specialising in Lawncare across South London and the South East.

They offer a range of treatments and services to suit clients looking to transform their garden to working on larger commercial sites.We asked Martin, the founder and lead technician of LawnsOne if he would be filmed for a video testimonial, talking about his experience working with Zoomfilms.

Martin was aware of how important promotional video is as part of a business’s marketing strategy and had started to produce video content he had filmed and edited on his phone. This was taking up a substantial amount of Martin’s time and he felt to position himself as a market leader in his field he needed some professional video input.In the initial conversation with Martin, Zoomfilms presented him with a few options that included how he could improve on the videos he recorded himself, as well as how Zoomfilms could partner with LawnsOne to produce regular video content.

A plan was put into place, defining the video goals and themes to encourage LawnsOne to move out of their comfort zone and see their company from a different perspective, and how to present their authenticity to their clients.The content we created with LawnsOne combined their products and services and displayed them in clear and concise videos for their existing and potential customers.

Since Zoomfilms has been in partnership with LawnsOne, they have seen an increase in their views on YouTube, inquiries through Facebook and uplifting traffic through their website.

'The introduction of Ezio and his team at Zoomfilms has really sped that process up and made us much more professional.’

Martin Ashdown Lead Technician and Founder of LawnsOne

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