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K Rend is the Uk’s largest independent silicone coloured renders manufacturer.

Based in Northern Island but with companies all over the UK, they pride themselves on the knowledge that their Silicone Technology significantly reduces the amount of water absorption on the render, whilst allowing vapor to pass freely through the render, granting properties optimum breathability.

K-rend contacted one of their clients Gavin Cairns from Roughcasting Limited, to be filmed for a video testimonial.

Zoomfilms visited Gavin on-site, to record his experience with working with K-rend and to get some overlaying shots of the product in action. Client video testimonials are key to building trust between the brand and potential customers. From the beginning Gavin openly and genuinely speaks very highly of his business’s experience in working with the products and highlights some of the pros when using this brand of silicone renders.

Gavin also brings attention to the K-rend app which he also recommends to his clients to use as well, which makes his life easier as it is a way his clients can visually get an idea of how the render is going to turn out.

Using video testimonials captures the authenticity of what Gavin is saying and creates an emotional response from the viewer, this engages the target market for longer than a written testimonial and aid in decision making because they can see someone has already benefitted from using this product.The video also allows

Gavin to speak freely in his recommendation of K-rend which is a marketing tool that can be repeatedly used across their website and social media platforms.

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