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Fly is a specialist MarTech consultancy who believe that the lack of tech smarts shouldn’t hold you back from achieving your marketing goals.

They aim to help small and medium-sized enterprises to find their next stage of growth, by partnering with their clients to work smarter, achieve more and avoid expensive mistakes.Written client testimonials are great but having video testimonials provide much greater benefits.

Video enables potential clients to hear from existing clients about their experience with the company and the service they received. A written testimonial might not be completely trusted, whereas, with a video testimonial, there is no better recommendation than word of mouth.Fly asked one of their ongoing clients from LawnsOne if they would be filmed for a video testimonial, where they could talk about their experience working with Fly.

LawnsOne talks about the strengths of the service as well as how Fly have improved his business, by providing structure and really extending the boundaries of what he thought their marketing could achieve. He highlights unique features of what Fly offer such as itemised emails with the points they have been working on, accompanied by explainer videos.

Zoomfilms decided to film Martin, owner and lead technician of LawnsOne, in his workshop to give some context as to the type of work he does, with some accompanying shots of Martin in the office and opening emails from Fly. This keeps the viewers engaged whilst also displaying how the communications between Fly and their clients look on a computer.

This video testimonial is used across Fly’s website and social media platforms, so we ensured that the filming setup was clean and well-lit to maintain the professionalism of their company. To finalise the testimonial video the client closes by giving their recommendation of the business, which reinforces credibility and trust with Fly’s target market.

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