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Flatfair is a company based in the heart of London with their team located all over the UK.

The founders joined forces and combined years of expertise across product finance and engineering to rethink how we all rent.

Inspired by the success of deposit alternatives in Germany and Switzerland, the Flatfair team created innovative rental solutions, giving landlords up to double the protection alongside significantly lower move-in costs for tenants. Flatfair wanted to create a video that introduced the viewer to their team, but also an in-house staff testimonial about working for Flatfair.

The video has a casual yet professional feel that encapsulates the welcoming atmosphere in the Flatfair team.

Everyone that participated came across as very genuine with their responses and their happiness within their job role and the pride in the company they work for is undeniable.

When asking the team individually for 3 words to describe Flatfair, words such as honest, fun and family were reoccurring themes which are incredible adjectives to have in a staff testimonial to promote a business. The passion that is captured in the staff provides clients with full confidence in their business brand and what they do.

Although this video is mainly aimed at property owners and renters alike, it will also double up as an excellent marketing tool if they need to advertise a job opening. Hearing existing staff speak with the utmost positivity about Flatfair is really reassuring to anyone applying for a job role.

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