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Slumberland is a company committed to developing new products that enable customers to enjoy a peaceful and healthier sleep.

Using breaking technology and a relentless drive for quality, they have become one of the market leaders in premium bedding products. Slumberland products are available worldwide and achieved their position as a premier international bed manufacturer from decades of hard work, innovation and strategic investment.

They required a television commercial that would show that their beds are so comfortable that even with the movement of your partner in bed, it would not affect your good night's sleep. To demonstrate this, a concept was created that would show a tiger and an undisturbed sleeping woman lying on the same bed as Slumberland’s logo containing a tiger.

The concept came with complications due to the actress and Tiger could not be in the same place at the same time. Additionally, between the two tigers that were used for filming, they destroyed 5 mattresses and a lot of patience was required for the tigers to cooperate.

To give the effect of the tiger and the actress being in the same bed, they had to be filmed individually and then the footage was combined in post-production.

This television commercial was an excellent use of the concept in video production and by incorporating a tiger from their logo increased brand awareness and the video was engaging while also emphasising the comfort of the beds they sell.

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