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Promotional Video Premium Home Technology Company

Sonitus is a Kent based company that provide and customise premium home technologies for prime and super-prime properties in London and the South-East.

They integrate smart home and AV technologies, resulting in a seamless experience for their clients.

Sonitus commissioned Zoomfilms to create a video on one of their completed projects, to showcase their high-quality workmanship and premium quality products and services they offer to enhance living environments.

Using promotional video to capture their work added an element of movement to some of their more static technologies, creating the impression that the viewer is walking through the home and experiencing the sensation of seamlessly integrated technology within a luxurious environment.

Promotional Video Home Technology

Video provides Sonitus with the perfect tool to showcase their product. It immerses the viewer in an aspirational environment and promotes their business. Our approach was to create fluid movement to accentuate ease and refinement. We also included some human interaction within the video. This makes products relatable to viewers and gives a sense of family/humanity/society – something we are hot-wired to appreciate.

We were able to capture movement and application through the turning on of lights, screens and apps, the convenience of app control and simple touch-screen operation, and movement of blinds and gates, which photos could never achieve.

This promotional video displays their seamless installation and how the smart technologies work together within the customised app. When shooting, we ensured that the visuals were engaging and smooth to elicit a relaxing, harmonious feel, emphasising the efficiency and ease of use of the smart technologies.

When taking on a video production for our clients, we always advise on the further uses of the footage that gives them maximum ROI, therefore, in addition to the high-quality promotional film we have also provided Sonitus with a selection of the individual clips, colour graded and polished, that make up the video. They are making effective use of these independent clips on their Social Media Channels to promote specific products and services across their range to draw more traffic to their website to increase enquiries and potentially sales too.

‘I would confidently recommend Zoomfilms to anyone looking to carry out a similar project, and I look forward to using your services again in the near future.’

Stuart Porter, Director Sonitus Home Limited
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