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Moonbrewers offer a unique online craft drink making experience, for organisations looking for innovative ways to improve membership retention and engagement. Their target market is beer-lovers and provides a platform to co-create and inspire their own unique beer.

Moonbrewers contacted Zoomfilms to create a promotional video advertising this new, original experience. Zoomfilms collaborated with Moonbrewers to produce a video that would simplify the launch of this complex business concept around virtually brewing your own beers.

The promotional video gives an introduction into brewing beer and in-depth behind the scenes information about the brewing process. The video includes shots from inside the brewery itself, the process from start to finish and how participants can vote on key brewing decisions to influence the colour, alcohol percentage and taste and personalise their own bespoke beer.

Although Moonbrewers are offering a virtual experience, presenting visuals from inside the brewery helps to highlight how the beer has a large handmade aspect to them, how personalising the brewing process can be and really humanises the brand.

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