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A Promotional Video for LawnsOne

LawnsOne an independent, family-run business specialising in Lawn care across South London and the South East.

Offering a wide range of treatments and services to their clients, from transforming gardens to working on larger commercial sites.

LawnsOne put together a plan with Zoomfilms to create promotional videos that would demonstrate their expertise and position them as market leaders within their field. The year-long plan resulted in 6 videos, each focussing on different aspects of LawnsOne’s business and services. The introduction video goes into detail about who Martin is as a person, what inspires him about his work, how he came about starting the business and what his vision for the company is.

Building a client base and creating a brand identity can be challenging. Using video to introduce your business is an effective way to show what you do and how you do it and allows your audience to identify and build trust in your brand and business.
A Promotional Video for LawnsOne

“I had the good fortune to have Zoomfilms recommended to me. Ezio and his team have not only produced great films, but they have had LawnsOne's marketing foremost in their mind when planning, executing and editing our films. I have been delighted with the results so far and will be continuing to work with Ezio and Zoom films.”

Martin Ashdown, Lead Technician and Founder of LawnsOne

With the success of the year long plan, LawnsOne decided to extend their relationship with Zoomfilms for another year, to continue to create and bring their story and brand alive.

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A Promotional Video for LawnsOne

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