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Samsara Retreat and Yoga is a magical boutique B&B, Yoga studio and retreat center in the Kent countryside.

The definition of Samsara is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the wandering journey, from birth to death, to rebirth which is what the cottage and team aim to offer.

They embrace all that is Yoga, building a lifestyle that is built on kindness, compassion and non-judgment. Samsara are open to embracing all faiths and no religious beliefs, the team aim to nurture and restore each other from all over the UK and abroad.Samsara went on a marketing drive to promote their exceptionally beautiful 13th century cottage through video.

Each shot was very smooth, and we focussed on capturing some of the finer details by using carefully chosen colours and textures that capture the tranquillity and splendor of the space.

Moving shots throughout the cottage carry the viewer on a tour of the e haven whilst the calming voice-over enlightens you on how their services will aid in restoration and replenishment for the body, mind, and soul.

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Promotional video for SAMSARA YOGA AND RETREAT

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