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Campbells of Beauly is a country tailor and one of the oldest outfitters situated in Scotland, representing the style and tradition of life in the Highlands.

The retail emporium is an experience in itself, bursting with character in its rustic and vintage appearance. With original fixtures and fitting dating back to 1858, in combination with the contemporary products delivers both a unique appearance and experience.

Campbell’s of Beauly required a promotional video for their website that would capture their authenticity whilst advancing technologically, with the aim to attract tourism trade.

The video displays the premises and the classic pieces they make and sell. Highlighting how their centuries of service have provided them with such an intricate knowledge of what they do, and it is evident that the outfitters operate with such an original personal service.

The captions that appear throughout are key points of sale eg. ‘Our quality is in the detail’ and ‘originality and authenticity.’ We then would follow these up with shots that visually reiterated these points so the target market can see what the captions are saying and how they carry through to the outfitter.

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Promotional video for CAMPBELL'S OF BEAULY

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