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Nikwax are a manufacturing company located in East Sussex, that produces high-quality cleaning and waterproofing products.

These products are proven to revive, extend the life and enhance the performance of clothing, footwear and equipment. They pride themselves in producing products that are safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Nikwax has an extensive range of products that are accessible globally. They produce instructional videos that explain how the products are used and presenting them in a real-life scenario, giving their target market a visual description of how and when to use them. Nikwax contacted Zoomfilms looking for a video production partner to produce their local and international how-to videos.

Their marketing objectives were already set up, so we needed to work within their concept when editing existing footage, setting up shoots and filming new products. Once the English versions are approved and accessible to the UK market, we are then provided with translated scripts to tailor the videos for 4 different languages.

Nikwax products range from cleaning to waterproofing and conditioning. This video covers one of their products Basefresh which is used to aid in sweatproofing activewear.

Nikwax’s how-to videos all carry a similar storyline. Setting the context of the video and identifying the problem through visuals and in the copy, presenting the products as the solution and showing how simple they are to use and how effective the outcome is.

This video layout increases brand awareness, and the consistency is more likely to enlist trust towards the brand as shows professionalism. Finishing the video with a call to action and their logo ensures that the brand name resonates with the viewer, and they are more likely to make the link to the brand if they encounter one of the problems presented in the video.

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