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Larger than Life is a Kent based, family-run, indie clothing brand that is all about encouraging people to take risks in order to reach success and achieve dreams.

The brand’s name ‘Larger than Life’ is exactly what it says on the tin, they want to promote people to live without limits, be unapologetically themselves and write their own story.Being a start-up business selling t-shirts, hoodies, and caps, they wanted a lifestyle video to launch their new products into an extremely competitive market.

The video needed to encapsulate everything the brand is about, using the clients themselves and their friends to feature in the clothing, we shot in Brighton and focussed on just capturing the models wearing the pieces, enjoying life and being carefree.

Brighton Beach in the British summertime with the incredible street art was the perfect set for the shoot. We shot some casual and more stylised shots to really show off the branding and logo paired with some chilled but up-tempo music to set the tone of the promotional film.Their video was a remarkable success and they continued to use us as part of their marketing strategy.

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