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Nikwax are a manufacturing company located in East Sussex, that produce high-quality cleaning and waterproofing products.

These products are proven to revive, extend the life and enhance the performance of clothing, footwear and equipment. They pride themselves on producing products that are safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Nikwax has an extensive range of products that are accessible globally. They produce instructional videos that explain how the products are used and presenting them in a real-life scenario, giving their target market a visual description of how and when to use them.

Nikwax contacted Zoomfilms looking for a video production partner to produce their local and international how-to videos. Their marketing objectives were already set up, so we needed to work within their concept when editing existing footage, setting up shoots and filming new products.

Once the English versions have been approved and accessible to the UK market, we are then provided with translated scripts to tailor the videos for 4 different languages.In this video we focus on Tech Wash and Tx.Direct (spray); a pair of products that are a high-performance cleaner and waterproofer.

Using promotional videos to advertise these products, is highly effective in showing the process of using the two products in exactly the way they were intended to be used. We combine engaging visuals with catchy upbeat music, which is a theme across all their videos, increasing brand awareness.

Nikwax’s target market are people that work or spend their leisure time outdoors, so our focus was to make the videos easy to follow and relatable to their target market's lifestyle.

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