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Our client Collective London uses our specialist video production services to create content for Avis.

They supply a clear, directive brief alongside the client’s brand guidelines but trust in our team to source any additional assets, such as library footage and music and trust in our editing process to create the required mood and tempo for its purpose. Avis believe that car hire is about the journey itself.

They pride themselves on the fleet of cars they have built up over the years and are confident in having a vehicle to fit all their customer's needs. Avis put their customers at the heart of everything they do, constantly going the extra mile by offering ultimate flexibility and convenience, to meet the high expectations of car enthusiasts.Zoomfilms were contacted to create a promotional video for Avis that would be exhibited on a digital board at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

The aim of the video was to promote their car hire and encourage people to book directly through their website which would result in exclusive benefits. As the video would take place amongst other company adverts it was essential to get the message of the video across in a clear, concise and engaging way.

Using a combination of stock video and provided footage from Avis that results in an aesthetically pleasing and informative promotional video.

Video marketing is incredibly diverse as it can be used on multiple platforms including websites, across social media, emails and at events or trade shows. The more professional the video, the more seriously your target market will take your brand.

It is essential that the content is focused on delivering a brand’s key message.

‘Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. We really appreciate the expertise that Ezio and the team bring to our projects. Whether it is filming or editing, they are always flexible and willing to adapt to changing circumstances to make sure that we get the end results we need, often against tight deadlines. It is refreshing to work with a team that is as passionate about our creative ideas as we are as an agency.’

Marelize Kemp, Client Partner, Collective London:

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