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The Young Lives Foundation is an award-winning children’s charity in the South East of England with expertise in Advocacy, Mentoring, Befriending and Activities Programmes.

They believe that every young person in need should have access to the resources and opportunities needed for them to achieve their full potential and lead fulfilled lives. Their mission is to be alongside children and young people to enable their voices to be heard and champion their rights and interests whilst supporting them through difficult times to achieve their potential.

The team at the Young Lives Foundation approached Zoomfilms to create an introduction video about the charity, summarising what they offer in an informative and engaging format.

The focus is on their vision, and how they aim to change the lives of young people through the services they offer. The video begins clearing outlining these services, followed by visuals of the staff at work, setting the context of the video from the outset. Due to the nature of the video, it was important for us to capture the open and friendly atmosphere of the Young Lives Foundation to encourage people to get involved with the charity.

Throughout the video, we use a combination of motion graphics, filmed footage and captivating editing styles such as video appearing as street art to appeal to the target audience whilst maintaining engagement. Having footage of their services taking place was important to present in this video as it provides examples of people benefitting from the charity, which could encourage others to get involved.

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