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Airey Miller are leaders in housing consultancy services to the public sector, offering services such as project management, cost consultancy and client-side programme and development management.

Their teams combine the technical skills within Airey Miller Limited and the client project management experience of Airey Miller Partnership.Serena Simon is a Programme Director for Church Street Regeneration in Westminster, where she leads a 15-20 year programme that will deliver over 1500 new homes with 50% of them being affordable, as well as a range of other amenities and improvements.

Airey Miller asked Serena if she would be filmed for a video testimonial about her and her team's experience receiving the capacity-building training. By using video testimonial Zoomfilm’s were able to capture the true authenticity of what Serena says about the training programme. She speaks freely and openly on the topic and by having her own notes positioned on the teleprompter she always had a point of reference to refer back to when going into greater detail about the benefits of the programme.

Video testimonial worked amazingly to visually show the passion Serena has for the work that Airey Miller did for her team and gives her the opportunity to highlight some key points, such as, how Airey Miller adapted the programme to the global pandemic and curated the capacity-building training in a way that provided context and catered to all the participants of varying experience.

Zoomfilm’s shot the testimonial on two cameras that enabled us to change the perspective throughout the video, and in post-production altered one perspective to be in black and white. This resulted in the video being more engaging for prospective clients as well as continuing an editing style we have previously used for Airey Miller, providing brand awareness.

Serena closes her testimonial highly recommending Airey Miller’s capacity training programmes and in doing so provides an example of how their programme impacted a specific member of her team, resulting in an incredibly positive outcome. This humanises Airey Miller as a company and provides reassurance to other people considering using their services.

This video testimonial is something Airey Miller can use on their website and as part of their marketing strategy, as having word-of-mouth recommendations is one of the most powerful and effective tools of marketing.

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